Purchase Management Sales excluding taxes

A management solution for companies and professionals that allows the preparation of quarterly declarations of the states of purchase orders for purchases and sales invoices in suspension of VAT called state clearance on magnetic media.

Purchase orders,
Accordance with tax legislation, any beneficiary of the suspensive procedure of seated duties and taxes on the turnover on the basis of a general permit issued for this purpose, shall file with the tax control services during 28 days of each quarter, a detailed list, according to a model established by the administration, purchase invoices in suspension of VAT on magnetic media (under the provisions of article 35 of law No. 27-2012 finance law for 2013).

Sales suspended,
In accordance with section 36 of the Finance Act 2013, those that emit suspended sales invoices seating duties and taxes on sales, are required to provide, services control tax, during the 28 days following each calendar quarter, a detailed list of sales invoices suspension of VAT on magnetic media in accordance with specifications set by the administration.