Time Management (Pointing)

Time management (or presence) is a set composed of:
• An electronic time clock with a digital reader (fingerprint) and Proximity card.
• On an application for calculating the presence of staff from their electronic presence (fingerprint or Proximity card).

This program was prepared by a team of experienced engineers with the help of several business leaders to meet the needs of different sectors.

Features :

  • - Import of the pointing
  • - Schedule simply.
  • - Team working timetable.
  • - Regime schedule 40 or 48 hours a week,
  • - The type of calculation Overtime weekly or daily (monthly).
  • - Edition of absent through lack pointing.
  • - Edition delays.
  • - Edition anomalies.
  • - Updating absences.
  • - Validation overtime.
  • - Edition of the general pointing or modified.
  • - Edition of monthly variables.