Personnel Management (Payroll)

Payroll single company: is a payroll processing software according to the legislative rules for calculating payroll in Tunisia. It was developed and devised by a team of experienced engineers who were supervised by several business leaders to meet the needs of all types of companies or firms. Payroll Multi companies: it meets the needs of group companies or accounting firms. Each folder can be assigned to one or more users and will be accessible only by them. Payroll Topics are configurable, hence the independence of the client. For the safety program access is controlled by a user ID and personal password.

Note: The user agrees to comply with all applicable law legislation. The user must check the correctness of any summary to the extent that a summary, by nature, do not represent the entire document.

Warning: This product is licensed as a single product. Its components can be used separately on multiple computers. It is prohibited to make illegal copies.

Environment: Our software runs on all Windows platforms, can be installed version Mono station or network.

Features :
- Setting items, charges of grids (definition of calculating the charges modes).
- Configurable salary grid according to personal agreement.
- Definition of wage profiles to avoid multiple entry.
- Management personnel file, leave and ongoing contracts.
- Access Control employee file.
- Management of loans.
- Enter the variable elements of the pay of one month.
- Printing and check your entries.
- Generation, calculation and printing payroll.
- Summary payroll States (Global and detailed) by agency and sector.
- State payments (check to establish state coins and state transfers).
- Journals payroll (Global Edition or Advanced) by agency and sector.
- Journals charges of the month or period.
- Payroll of the Scriptures (OD for accounting).
- CNSS state on paper and on diskette.
- Employer Declaration and tax withholding certificate.
- Individual form (Printing a blank form to use as information document).
- History of employees (even for previous years).
- State accumulations and hours worked.
- Balance of any account.
- Year-end bonus calculation (13th salary) with personalized scale.
- Calculation of seniority.
- State of paid vacation (in days or Global Value and History leave of an employee).
- Duplicate setting a folder to another.
- Reverse calculation (from the net the program determines the gross).
- Automatic change of levels (at the request of the user).
- Duplicate pay slip (even for previous years).
- Close of fiscal year.